Vitamin/Mineral Powder – 1.76oz (Dendrocare) For Sale

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The complete vitamin & mineral powder for dendrobates. Dendrocare was developed after years of research into the ultimate combination of vitamins and minerals for dendrobates. Dendrocare is highly valued worldwide for its benefits. An absolutely optimized dietary supplement. Content per kilogram: 450,000 IU vitamin A, 120,000 IU vitamin D3, vitamin E 10200 mg, 36 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2, 165 mg, about 270 mg pant, nic 570 mg am, 78 mg vitamin B6, 120 mg of CU, I82 mg, 1650 mg FE MN 72 mg, 273 mg ZN, CO 63mg, 10.1% protein, 1.8% fat, 0.19% fibers, 47% ash, 1.9% moisture, CA 22%, P 8.8%, NA 1.4%, Mg 0.2%, K 0.43%. Instructions for use: Put a pinch of Dendrocare in an empty jar, toss in the fruit flies and shake. The powder securely stays on the flies. Place a lid in the terrarium and sprinkle the flies on it, surviving deposits of the Dendrocare will remain.