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One of the smallest full size turtles found in the US, its black shell is peppered with yellow spots which vary depending on the age of the turtle. Sex is easily determined in spotted turtles males have a black chin whereas females have a brighter orange or reddish chin.

Adults range from about 4 – 6 inches long, this makes for a good size for small aquariums. If fed heartily they can triple their size in just a few months.

Life span of these turtles can easily outlive their owners, these turtles are known for living more than 100 years and the oldest one on record is 150.

Caging a medium size aquarium will house 1 male and about 4 females the males tend to be territorial so if you want to house more than 1 male the bigger the aquarium needs to be. Make sure you put artificial plants or branches in the aquarium so that the turtles can get out of the water and prevent drowning.

Heat lamp must be provided so that they can bask and dry out to prevent fungus. Submersible filters can be added to keep the water clean, always keep your water clean and cool. Oxygen flow is important so use a pump to add some splashing at the surface.

Spotted turtles are poor swimmers so they should be kept in shallow water about 4 to 6 inches deep. A few UVB bulbs should be included for proper bone health and vitamin D3 which adds calcium absorption.

Feeding should include a variety of things like earthworms, wax worms, mealworms, crickets, chicken, crab, turkey, bacon, and beef. Feed them daily and just watch the water to make sure they are eating the food, if left in the water it will fowl it quickly.

Spotted turtles hibernate so at about October wean them off food; make sure their stomachs are completely empty before hibernation as this will rot in their stomach.