Rough Skin Newts

Rough Skin Newts
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These cute little creatures are native to the Northwest of North America to southwest to Alaska.
Size when fully grown is 7 inches in length. The Newt is generally plain dark brown dorsally with bright yellow or orange vertically and crests which runs along the lower tail.
The skin is granulated in appearance except for sometimes during the breed skin is smooth. This species is also identifiable by its well developed limbs and flattened head.
Housing can be a small aquarium with two thirds being dirt and one third being water. Branches for climbing and hiding places should be provided. Temperature can be as low as 60 degrees so a low watt bulb should be enough. Typically room temperature is adequate. Make sure you change the water for cleanliness and keep the humidity levels good.
Ultra violet light is not necessary so a fluorescent bulb is fine. Aquarium gravel covered in sphagnum moss for the land portion of the enclosure and synthetic foam covered with water so that it holds the humidity well.
Several different foods can be used to feed these cute little creatures, tubiflex worms, small earthworms, small fish, brine shrimp, crickets, all of these can be offered. You can also offer commercial food like pellets if they will eat them but always have live food available.
Some sort of filtration should be provided for the water or daily partial water changes should be part of the cleaning process. Thorough cleanings can be achieved by using a 5% bleach solution, always wash your hands thoroughly after handling your Newt because of the toxic fluid in their skin.