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Reptiles introduced into new environments may stop eating (anorexia) and drinking. If left untreated, these animals can become dehydrated or develop nutrition related disease. Fluker’s Repta+Boost was developed to assist these animals during periods of stress. Repta+Boost is a high energy supplement specially formulated to provide “that extra energy boost” for recently acquired animals, as well as young fast growing animals, reproductively active animals, or animals on limited diets.

Repta+Boost can also be used long-term as a critical care formula for malnourished and dehydrated animals. Many captive reptiles and amphibian diets are incomplete. Because these animals can develop nutritional diseases associated with inadequate diets, it is important to supplement their diets to minimize any deficiencies.

Repta+Boost can be used as a daily dietary supplement for reptiles or amphibians. Unlike vitamin and mineral supplements which offer limited nutritional support, Repta+Boost are a complete supplement that includes protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Use with bearded dragons, geckos, chameleons, boas, ball pythons, monitors, frogs, corn snakes, and other insectivore/carnivore reptiles and amphibians. Complete kit includes powder, mixing cup, spoon, syringe, and instructions.