Radiant Heat Panel - 80w (RBI)

Radiant Heat Panel - 80w (RBI)
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Product Details

Non-light emitting heat panel, designed for mounting on the underside of an enclosure's roof. The heater provides uniform infra-red radiation over a large area which simulates the basking conditions recommended for most reptiles. While you can run these panels safely at full power, we recommend the use of the Vivarium Electronics proportional thermostats when using panels in enclosed areas to maintain the ideal temperatures for your reptiles.

Ultra easy to install (2 screws-included) and can't be climbed on by your snakes! 120 watt panel measures approximately 12.5" x 32.5" x 1.75" (overall dimensions). Can Not burn your animal-even if they touch it! Clip on plug for easy installation. Exclusive smooth lens material Doesn't crack or fade.

Attractive sealed Komatex housing for easy cleaning and disinfecting. 5 wattage sizes available.

Ultra easy mounting-Stainless

Steel screws included.

Low profile-under 2" thick.

Thermal fuse protected.

6 foot power cord