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Tarantula Habitat and Care

Basic tarantula care for all species is fairly similar. There are two main types of tarantulas: arboreal and terrestrial. The two do require different setups, but the setups all require the same basic items. All tarantulas eat the same things so their care varies little. Overall, tarantulas are a very easy pet to raise.

The basic tarantula setup:

  • 20 gallon aquarium with locking top.
  • Substrate (Coconut husk, potting soil, moss, bark, or a sand and soil mix all work well as substrates.
  • Fake plants for arboreal species
  • Rocks and other hiding places
  • Water container
  • Crickets and other insects

Tarantulas do not like or need artificial light. For arboreal species you need a taller tank and fill it 1/3 of the way up with substrate (at least 4 inches) then you add in the fake plants and hiding places and place the water bowl in a dugout where it will not be easily spilled. Make sure that the lid of your aquarium is on tight because tarantulas are strong enough to move them if they are not locked down!

Tarantulas do not need any heat sources either. They do well at room temperature.

For terrestrial species you can get longer/wider tanks and fill them about ½ way full of substrate. They like to burrow. Then you place hiding places about in a way that you like and bury the water dish. Again, make sure that you lock the lid down!

Tarantulas do not eat a lot, but make sure there is a cricket or two available in their cage for consumption. Other insects can be used, but crickets are readily available and easy for tarantulas to digest.