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Can be anywhere from 7-24” in length depending on specific species.

Life Span:

Pink Tongue Skinks can reach 20 years of age or more if they are in captivity.


Most hatchlings can be kept in a 10 gallon tank. Full sized adults should be kept in a 40-55 gallon tank.


A temp gradient of 75*-85*F should be established with a basking area of 90*-95*F during the day. Temperatures should never fall below 70*F at night. Temps can be maintained by basking bulbs, infrared heat bulbs, and ceramic emitters or under tank heaters and panels. Hot rocks should never be used due to high risk of burns that can be inflicted on the skink from malfunctioning heat rocks. As with most diurnal species full spectrum light is required. This can be achieved by using special florescent bulbs. Active UV bulbs also provide heat which may allow you to mot have to provide additional heat sources.


Wood shaving (avoid cedar or pine as these may cause long term health issues), newspaper or indoor/outdoor carpeting can be used as substrates. Blue-Tongue Skinks are ground dwellers and do not require many rocks or branches for climbing. A hide box should be provided. Provide slightly damp substrate such as sphagnum moss to provide a humidity chamber to help with shedding.