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Average adult length for both species of paddle tail newts is 6-7 inches.

Appearances are stout aquatic newts with smooth skin. These newts have large flat heads and short legs and toes with broad tails that are rounded at the end. They have large lips which make them look a little like a fish. They breath with both their lungs and their skin.

They are generally dark brown with under sides of red spots or an assortment of red, orange, and white. Adult males develop bright white spots on their tails during breeding season.

Housing includes a fully aquatic setup, 20 gallon is adequate for a pair of paddles, care should be taken to provide adequate filtration for the aquarium with a few floating islands to allow them to get out of the water and sun bath.

Temperature should be on the cool side ranging from 65, 69 degrees, they like cool temperatures.

Heat and light: Generally no additional heating is required as they like cool water but just a standard aquarium light would be sufficient.

Make sure the substrate if used is big enough not to be ingested as this would cause serious medical issues.

Diet: Paddles are avid eaters so worms, insects, beef heart, fish, dry pellets and frozen blood worms are all eagerly taken. Make sure the food is small enough to ingest because if it is bigger than they will fight over it. Remove all uneaten food as this will prevent poor water quality.

At least 1 hiding spot should be provided like a pvc pipe or a flower pot or other decorations. Partial water change of 10%-20% is recommended weekly and changing the filters when dirty as needed.