Turtles For Sale

Turtles For Sale
This species does well with sand or gravel substrate and plenty of clean water. Water should be kept at a temperature of around 70-75º F. You will need a water filter to help maintain clean water. When choosing a filter, use common sense: a pump that is too small will leave the water dirty, while a too-powerful pump with filter out the microorganisms needed to maintain a healthy pH. Water should be deep enough that your turtle can fully submerge in it.

Adding aquatic plants will improve the water quality, the look of the habitat, and give your turtle a place to bask. Rocks or wood should also be added to give your turtle a place to rest.

If using a tank, keep a tight top on it, as these turtles are good climbers. Be sure your habitat has plenty of room for your turtle to swim around in. At least a 75 gallon or larger tank is recommended. These turtles should be kept by themselves, as they will kill smaller turtles.

These turtles do well with an ambient temperature of 75-87º F, though they are cold-tolerant. LEDs or other low-wattage light bulbs work best for maintaining these temperatures.

A basking area should be kept at about 86-90º F. You can use either a ceramic heat emitter or a reptile basking light for this. Heat rocks are not recommended as they can burn your animal.