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Box Turtles are a favorite and some of the most popular turtles; their color is dark brown with bright yellow markings. Adult box turtles are typically between 5 to 7 inches in length so they stay pretty small.

They have been recorded to live as long as 100 years but most live between 40 and 60 years.

Caging can be an average aquarium because of their size. They also can be kept outdoors when the weather allows. Make sure you use organic soil, bark or sand; you can add plants or rocks for decoration.

Make sure you put a shallow dish with water and change it daily. You can add sphagnum moss and moisten it to raise the humidity, and average level should be 40 to 50%. They also like to burrow so adding the sphagnum moss makes it fun for your turtle.

Lighting with a UVB light will ensure that your turtle gets the proper calcium for proper bone health. If you can put your turtle outside natural calcium is always better.

Temperatures should be in the 80 range for proper digestion of food a good 75 watt bulb should do it. Under no circumstances should you ever use a heat rock which could cause burns and be life threaten to your turtle.

Box turtles are omnivorous and should consume worms, grasshoppers, crickets, beetles and earthworms.

Make sure that you don’t feed them the same thing as this can lead to your turtle being a picky eater. You can treat them to boiled eggs, ground beef and even canned dog food. You can feed fruit and they will get a liking to some varieties like berries, melons, make sure you dust their food with calcium for proper health.

Over all these turtles are not difficult to raise they are a very good beginner pet. They are very active, alert and full of personality which some other turtles lack.