Natural Reptile Bedding - 10 qt (Lugarti)

Natural Reptile Bedding - 10 qt (Lugarti)

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The Ultimate Terrarium Substrate! Lugarti's Natural Reptile Bedding is a 100% natural, proprietary blend of ingredients (NO Coconut), specifically formulated to provide the most ideal habitat for reptiles housed in a terrarium setting. Once you've tried this substrate for your tortoise, lizard or gecko, you will never go back to whatever bedding you're currently using.

When used properly, NRB is designed to provide essential humidity while the surface remains dry to the touch, thus preventing any fungal or bacterial infections that can be caused by other substrates. It has natural mold inhibitors that help prevent it from molding; often experienced with coco coir products. NRB also offers the absolute BEST odor control and is the only substrate on the market that can be safely used with newborn baby reptiles (e.g. Bearded Dragons) with ZERO risk of impaction. No other substrate on the market can claim this.

NRB promotes natural digging behaviors while holding burrows exceptionally well and can be landscaped to create varying levels in a terrarium, which allows you to closely resemble a species natural habitat. Looking for the perfect substrate to use for planting a vivarium with live plants? NRB is a perfect mix for growing live plants and maintaining all sorts of different plant species! Having problems with eggs drying out after they're laid? Perhaps you didn't get to them on time, didn't know they were going to lay eggs, or just plain forgot. NRB is the BEST egg-laying substrate available, for many reasons. Simply add 4" - 5" of NRB packed tightly in your Lizard, Gecko, Monitor, Turtle or Tortoise enclosure and your females will not only have the best suitable egg laying site, your eggs will be perfectly safe from dehydrating for up to a month (if bedding is kept semi-moist) before collecting them for artificial incubation!

No need for any special egg lay boxes. If you're breeding cooler species that don't need their eggs incubated (e.g. Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, etc.), you can just leave your geckos in the substrate and allow them to hatch naturally!

Perfect For: Bearded Dragons Leopard Geckos Crested, Gargoyle & Leachie Geckos Tortoises Box Turtles Water Turtles (land area) Monitors Uromastyx (after allowing it to dry)

IMPORTANT: Not suitable for some snakes. We are currently formulating a substrate that will offer the best application for various species of snakes. Stay tuned!

Features: 100% Natural Superior Odor Control Won't Cause Impaction Holds burrows Landscapable Grows Live Plants Best Egg-laying Substrate Instructions

For Use: Fill terrarium and pack down firmly to a depth of at least 3" – 4 (8-10 cm), the deeper the better. Substrate should be at least 5" - 6" deep for burrowing species. As the substrate dries, simply remove any loose particles by gently running your hand over the top scraping the surface and discard. Substrate should be spot cleaned daily and completely replaced monthly (bi-monthly for babies).