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Malayan Horned Dragon (Ancanthrosaura)

A.K.A. Mountain Horned Dragon Description:

Malayan Horned Dragons range in color from grey to brownish-green and have fine spikes from their eyebrows to their necks. Males will grow up to 11-12 inches in length, while females only get around 10 inches long. These lizards can live up to 10 years if taken care of properly.

Habitat and Tank Requirements:

This species is native to Southern Asia.

These lizards do well with a layer of moss over the tank’s substrate to retain moisture. Be sure to put plenty of plants, wood, and rocks for them to climb and hide in. In the wild Mountain Horned Dragons live in trees, so keep this in mind.

One Mountain Horned Dragon can be housed in a 45 gallon tank. If keeping more than one, make sure to have a big enough tank so that each lizard can have its own territory. A screen cover is recommended for your tank, as it allows better airflow and heating.

A comfortable temperature for these lizards is around 75-83º F during the day and nighttime temperatures around 72º F. LEDs or other low-wattage light bulbs work best for maintaining these temperatures. Heating pads are not needed for this lizard, as they spend most their time in trees.

Mountain Horned Dragons thrive in humid climates, so spraying or misting their tank daily is recommended.

Your tank should have a fairly large-sized bowl or tub of water that is cleaned daily. This is for your lizard to drink from as well as wade in. These lizards like to swim and soak. Some lizards won’t drink from a bowl. In this case some sort of dropper is recommended.


Mountain Horned Dragons are mainly insectivorous and will feed on small crickets, fruit flies, mealworms, wax worms, and any other insect small enough for them to ingest. They will occasionally eat pinkie mice and even fish. It is recommended that food be dusted with calcium to prevent bone softening.


Allow your lizard time to become accustomed to its new home before handling them extensively. Handling them little by little over a period of time lets the animal get used to you and reduces stress. Mountain Horned Dragons are pretty docile and can be handled regularly.