LED UVB Terrarium Hood - 24" (Zoo Med)

LED UVB Terrarium Hood - 24" (Zoo Med)

Product Details

Zoo Med's New ReptiSun LED UVB Terrarium Hood combines energy efficient, brilliant LED lighting with a long-time trusted ReptiSun UVB Lamp. In addition to the 6500K LEDs, Red plant growth LEDs, and Blue Lunar LEDs, this hood houses a High Output T5 ReptiSun UVB Lamp. The hood features a highly polished curved reflector for maximum efficiency and UVB penetration. This is the ideal light fixture for large terrariums, planted terrariums, and any species that benefits from UVB exposure and bright, visible light. Brilliant Light! 6500K daylight high output LEDs for truly naturalistic lighting.

Includes: ReptiSun 5.0 T5 High Out lamp for safe and effective UVB and bright light for improved color rendering. 620 nm Red LEDs stimulate live plant growth. 465 nm Blue LED stimulates nighttime lighting "Lunar Effect". 20,000 hour life range!