Jungle Dawn LED Grow & Glow – 15w (Arcadia) For Sale

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These Screw in LEDS currently come in 2 Sizes. The 14″ 15 watt Model and the 17″ 20 watt Model. They are like a cross between a Jungle Dawn Screw In and and LED bar! They are self contained and do not need a transformer! The LED Drivers are built right inside! The “Grow” part of these new Jungle Dawns is all about the mixed diodes – They have separate BLUE and RED diodes to enhance color and photosynthesis in plants. The “Glow” part is about the lights spectrum and ability to make colors seem to “POP”. And the light they give off mixes wonderfully with the spectrum from the Original Jungle Dawn LED bulbs. So they can be even used in conjunction with them for fantastic lighting effects. These come with a one year guarantee on materials and workmanship. Some things to keep in mind when using them is that they are longer than practically any other screw in out there! So using them in hoods is something that needs to be considered. Some hoods they will fit (tightly!) into…. (the 36″ Exo Terra hood) and some hoods may need modifications at the customers discretion to make them fit. These give FANTASTIC LIGHT for Freshwater Aquariums and great supplemental light to Marine Aquariums and Reef Systems. And please keep in mind -AS WITH ANY LED PRODUCT- Great care must be taken to ensure sure they have good ventilation and ample air flow (convection) around them so they stay cooler and can radiate heat properly from their ribbed aluminium body. The cooler you can have ANY LED product running, the longer it will last. The side mount “mini mount” sockets work well for these. Use them by themselves or mix with the original Jungle Dawn LEDS for fantastic lighting effect. For use on Terrariums, Aquariums, planted Reptile Cages or over Orchids and House Plants. Added Red and Blue Diodes for enhanced Photosynthesis. Use in conjunction with Arcadia UV bulbs in set-ups with animals that require Ultraviolet light.

 IMPORTANT instructions for use: The LED bulbs have a 340 degree range of motion in the swivel base so they can be turned and adjusted once installed. This is to ensure the bulb can be positioned to point downward, so the LED diode array will give the enclosure as much light as possible. Never force the bulb beyond the pivot point stop. Forcing the bulb to turn past the built in stop could permanently damage the unit. Installation Procedure

. For safety, please ensure the light socket switch is in the Off position, or unplug the fixture before proceeding. 1. To install, gently screw the LED unit into the light socket. Do not use force. 2. Once the bulb is screwed clockwise into the fixture all the way so it will light, it may be necessary to gently adjust it by turning the unit backwards. This is where the base that allows the unit to rotate comes into use. By gently rotating the unit counter clockwise, without unscrewing it from the socket; you can adjust the LED diode array to face downward into the enclosure. 3. If the natural range of motion of the swivel base will not allow it turn far enough so the LED array points downward, try unscrewing the bulb very slightly to change the angle. It is ok if the LED unit is slightly loose in the socket, just as long as it is in the socket far enough to make contact to light. Cooling and Proper Ventilation.
These lights are designed to work in fixtures designed with some ventilation so that the LED unit will be able to dissipate heat properly. Open socket fixtures, vivarium hoods with vent slots or incandescent aquarium lights that have venting slots or holes in them are all good choices. Please make sure all hoods or strip lights are raised up off a solid glass top at least 1/8, 1/3 of an inch, (4mm – 8mm) so that air can circulate under and up through the fixture. This is to allow for the natural air convection so heat can rise up and out of the fixture. 100% totally enclosed fixtures are not recommended. This is because totally enclosed fixtures do not allow for air flow. Lack of air flow can result in excessive heat build-up inside the light fixture.
 Excessive heat buildup (i.e. a heat pocket) can result in a shortened life-span of your Jungle Dawn LED unit. Water and Moisture. While Jungle Dawn LED units are resistant to the levels of humidity usually associated with terrariums and vivariums, they are not submersible or waterproof. Therefore, as with any electrical appliance, great care should be taken when using them in wet environments or over open water. Failure to use caution when using any form of electrical lighting over vivariums or aquariums can result in electrocution. In vivariums with misting systems, please remember to always position all electrical components safely away from contact with water spray and mist.