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Origin: Caribbean Island, Peru,and Southern part of Florida

Description: These lizards are diurnal lizards, meaning they are very active during the day. These lizards are a joy to watch. The Jewel Curly-Tail lizard grows to be 4 to 10 inches long.

Temperature and Humidity: These lizards like their basking area at 95 degrees fahrenheit and their cool side down to 85 degrees fahrenheit. Their night time temperature should not drop below 70 degrees fahrenheit. Humidity range should be between 40 and 70 percent.

Habitat: They range from forests to beach areas. They are terrestrial meaning they are ground dwellers.The Jewel Curly-Tail Lizard substrate could be anything like washed play sand with repti bark mixed in or paper towel to brown packing paper for individuals that seem to ingest their substrate due to impaction risks. Also be sure to include rocks and plants for them to feel secure. The Jewel Curly-Tail Lizard also should have a hide or two in the enclosure, which can be anything like a hollow log, a container made into a hide, or a rock hide. They will need a small water dish that has fresh chlorine free water available at all times.

Diet: The Jewel Curly-Tail Lizard is omnivorous. They enjoy a variety of insects like crickets, small dubia roaches, waxworms and small mealworms etc. They also eat leafy greens and some fruit. You will also need to supplement their food with calcium D3 at least a couple times a week and about once a week with a reptile multivitamin.

Sexing: The males in Jewel Curly-Tail lizards are considerably larger than the females. The males have red coloring around their heads, while the females are smaller and have stripes that run down their bodies.