Hornworm Food (1/2 lb)

Hornworm Food (1/2 lb)

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Cooking Instrucitons\nAdd 1/2 lb of dry silkworm food into a cooking pot containing 3 cups of hot tap water (bottled water is best).\nThoroughly mix with a whisk or hand mixer until you get a consistency similar to cake batter.\nBring water to a boil for 5 minutes (stir continuously).\nCarefully(!) pour the food into a container for storage. We recommend a 1" deep cookie sheet.\nImmediately place a sheet of plastic wrap over the food and allow to cool.\nOnce cooled, place the sheet into the refrigerator to completely cool and firm up.\nOnce firm, we recommend cutting the food into 2" squares (like brownies) and bag them in separate baggies for storage.\nDepending on how many silkworms you're feeding, and how big they are, you can either place an entire square in with them (lots of bigger worms), or you can careful grate a square over babies with a cheese grater.