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How unique is this tortoise that its shell is hinged at the back allowing it to close the hind legs and tail within the shell for protection.

Housing consists of an aquarium with daytime temps between 80 to 88 degrees, a bathing pool is important as hingebacks need good humidity and they enjoy bathing for long periods. In the summer temperature permitting they can be put outside in an enclosure to benefit from natural sunlight. Make sure you provide shade because they spend more time in shaded areas.Diet should consist of 80% greens and 20% fruit, the green should consist of Kale, spinach, brussel tops, parsley, water cress, mixed greens, banana, tomato, melon, grapes and mushrooms. Do not feed iceberg lettuce as there is no nutritional value and hingebacks need the calcium that the greens provide. All foods should be supplemented on a daily basis and water should always be provided.

Hingebacks are omnivorous and are also partial to snails, slugs, and worms and these can be used to vary their diet.

On receipt of your tortoise soak him or her in the bathtub for about 30 minutes and offer them fresh food. To ensure that your tortoise stays hydrated soak every other day as you did on arrival, you will notice that your tortoise will drink and then defecate. Remember to clean your aquarium every week and remove droppings daily.