Heat Pads For Sale

Reptile pets such as snakes, lizards, and turtles require a warm environment to live in. This can be provided by using a heat pad in the habitat of your pet.

There are two types of heat pads that can be used: an infrared heat lamp or a ceramic heating element. The infrared heat lamp emits light that will warm the animal directly. The ceramic heating element emits heat that will warm the air in the habitat, which will then warm the animal.

Both types of heat pads have advantages and disadvantages. The infrared heat lamp is more expensive to buy but it is easier to use because it does not require a special mounting bracket. The ceramic heating element is less expensive to buy but it is more difficult to use because it requires a mounting bracket and special wiring.

When choosing a heat pad, it is important to consider the size of the habitat and the type of reptile pet that you have. If the habitat is too small, the heat pad may not be able to provide enough warmth for the animal. If the pet is a snake, the heat pad should be placed on the warm side of the habitat. If the pet is a lizard or a turtle, the heat pad can be placed in any part of the habitat.