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Green Tree Monitor (Varanus prasinus) also known as the Emerald Tree Monitor. These are popular because they are delicate and take exact caring needs so they are for advanced keepers.

Their native habitat is the rain forest, size between 28-39 inches and they live to be 15 years.

Consisting in different shades of green from green to turquoise with dark banding around the belly they are one of the few brightly colored lizards.

Feed these beautiful lizards primarily insects with dusting the insects with a good calcium supplement. They need to eat every day, small frequent meals are better than larger ones. Offer them small rodents only when they are adults which they love for variety.

Housing should be a good size aquarium with lots of logs or branches to climb they love to climb and bask. If possible a vertically oriented enclosure so that they may climb, possibly cork on the sides for easy climbing. They are not a digger so your substrate can just be bark of plastic carpet for easy cleaning.

Make sure you mist everyday as their habitat is from the rainforest, once or twice a day should be enough to keep the humidity level correct for proper shedding, 70% is good but shouldn’t be allowed to drop. No need to put a bowl of water in you enclosure because they refuse to drink out of a bowl, instead mist because they will drink by taking droplets from leaves and other surfaces.

This lizard needs 12 hours a day of UVB lighting to synthesize calcium, use specialized reptile lighting or plant lighting. Glass blocks the UVB so make sure you have a wire mesh cover not glass so that UVB does its job.

This lizard has a prehensile tail that wraps around tree branches to help with climbing. Special scales on its feet and long toes also help with climbing. It flicks its tongue like a snake to sense its surroundings and to look for food. Males may fight if kept in the same enclosure but do get along with females.