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Green ameivas are native to the rain forests of South America, they are also known as the little jungle runner or dwarf tegu. These are popular because of their colorful bands of white and green.

Life span is around 10 years, they grow to be between 14 to 24 inches long. Provide a variety of live insects including crickets ,mealworms ,earthworms with occasional fruits like berries cantaloupe and melons.

Feed adults every other day, feed juveniles daily for proper growth; provide a multiple vitamin mineral supplement once or twice daily.

Housing should consist of an aquarium large enough to house your full grown ameiva with it being deep enough to layer the substrate for burrowing and digging, these little guys love to climb and dig so providing branches ,logs and non- toxic plants for hiding, also a rock or log for basking. Maintain humidity of about 60% or more by misting daily. Make sure your habitat is secured tightly as these little guys are escape artists.

Temperature gradient is needed at 90 degrees with a cool 70 at night, use incandescent lighting or a ceramic heater as primary heat source. Lighting should be provided for full spectrum fluorescent light for 12 to 14 hours a day this makes sure your little ameiva grows properly.

Water daily in a shallow dish because these little guys like to bath, change water daily.

Adult males should be housed separately from one another they don’t like to share their space with others, females can be housed together.

Green ameivas are not naturally tame so significant time must be present with them to maintain your ability to handle them, never grab them by their tails or you may find yourself with a stubby lizard. Ameivas are diural meaning they are active during the daylight hours.

Red flags for health issues are weight loss or decreased appetite, swelling, bumps, sores or abrasions, mucus in mouth or nose, lethargy, abnormal feces. If you notice any of these signs please contact your local veterinarian.

Always wash your hands before and after handling your ameiva as this will help prevent infectious diseases, ameivas regularly shed their skins so make sure you keep the humidity levels for proper shedding.