G3 Advanced Filtration System (Fluval)

G3 Advanced Filtration System (Fluval)

Product Details

With its sumptuous gloss black finish, aluminum detailing and cool blue backlit display, the Fluval G Series will change people's perceptions on clunky filter designs for good. No longer will the humble filter need to be hidden away in a cabinet. Fluval G demands to be out on display as the ultimate aquarists' accessory. Fluval G Series is equipped with HydroTech, an intelligent monitoring system.

Though internal sensory modules, the HydroTech microprocessor stores and communicates real time filter performance, water parameters and filter cleaning intervals. The flow rate is permanently highlighted on the screen as well as aquarium water temperature and conductivity. To let you know when filter maintenance is required, scheduling is also displayed.

The Fluval G is powered by an advanced three component drive system, providing power, long term reliability with virtually zero noise and high performance. The powerful yet compact synchronized dual drive coil is controlled by one of two Fluval G microprocessors which continuously monitor and adjust the start speed, impeller direction, power usage and performance.

The inner filter chamber is made from fiberglass re-enforced polymer, designed to withstand pressures of 15PSI, far outweighing the normal operational standards and resulting in a leak-proof and noise reducing casing.

With its proprietary technology the AquaStop system makes maintenance easy, allowing you to stop the water flow by simply bringing the AquaStop valve lever into an upright position. By lifting the AquaStop release lever, the complete assembly can be conveniently removed without separating the hosing.

Lever Canister ClampsAquaStop Chrome plated cast ZAMA levers provide a strong and secure seal and do not corrode or oxidize even when in contact with salt water. They are made of Zamak alloy which provides superior strength and dimensional stability over time.

Primer With the Fluval G, there's never a need for manual siphoning. After set up on the aquarium and before plugging the unit in, just push the easy priming button all the way down 2-3 times in fast sequence. As water is drawn through the intake hosing, it fills the canister pushing air out of its way.

Telescopic Intake and Strainer Rim attachment Spray Nozzles or Spray Bars Water is drawn through the multi-lamella intake strainer, designed to repel debris and resist the build-up of solids that would normally impede water flow. Additional intake strainers can be attached to extend the intake screen surface.