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Fire Bellied Newts originated from China.

Size and Longevity:

These newts are between 3 and 5 inches long with an average lifespan of 6 to 10 years.

General Description:

Fire Bellied Newts do well in captivity, are generally very tame, and are normally pretty active explorers. Their bodies are poisonous, so special care is needed when handling them. Newts are mostly aquatic animals that come to the surface occasionally to rest and bask.


Handling Newts can be dangerous and is not recommended without the proper protective equipment. Disposable gloves, such as those found in hospitals are excellent to use to pick up newts. Never pick up a newt if you have an open cut or abrasions of any kind that the newt may be able to come in contact with. Always wash hands thoroughly after touch or handling the newt and never touch anything else before washing your hands.

Habitat and Cage:

Newts do not need much room to live, but require a lot of water. An aquatic set up or semi-aquatic setup is most suitable for a newt.

Setting up the tank is pretty easy. Add about 4 to 6 inches of sand or soil to the tank and pour water on half of it. Pour enough water to make it moist, but not enough to make it soggy. Provide an water dish or area large enough for your newt to completely submerge itself. The temperature in the vivarium should be set between 55° and 78°F. There should be a hiding spot or hiding spots available for the newt’s comfort. Not providing adequate hiding areas can lead to stress which can cause health problems and a shorter life span.

Newts need very little lighting; a low wattage bulb works well. The low wattage bulb helps increase moisture in the air of the enclosure while proving enough light to see the reptile. The low light also helps the newt feel more comfortable since they are nocturnal and prefer coming out at night.


Newts eat every three days, and can be fed very small food items between regular feedings. The Fire Bellied Newt eats crickets, earthworms, bloodworms, and slugs. Offering fruit flies or other items that are hard to catch will help the newt stay active and keep it from getting bored of it’s diet, which will in turn keep it healthier.