Feeder Food For Sale

When it comes to providing food for your reptile pet, there are a variety of feeder food options available. Insects, rodents, and other small prey items make great choices for most reptiles.

Insects are probably the most common type of feeder food for reptiles. They are generally easy to find and affordable, and many different types of insects can be used as food. Crickets, mealworms, and waxworms are all popular choices.

Rodents are also a common choice for feeder food. Mice and rats are the most popular options, but gerbils, hamsters, and other small rodents can also be used. Be sure to avoid feeding your reptile wild caught rodents, as they may contain harmful parasites.

Other small prey items, such as fish, amphibians, and baby birds, can also be used as feeder food for reptiles. When choosing a feeder animal, be sure to consider the size of the animal and its nutritional value. Some smaller prey items, such as insects, may not provide all of the nutrients that your reptile needs, so it is important to mix up your animal choices to ensure a balanced diet.