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F10SC (Super Concentrate) Veterinary Disinfectant is an EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant. It is used in many of the world’s leading veterinary hospitals and zoological institutions as well as by leading reptile, avian and exotic pet breeders and keepers. F10 disinfectant is widely recognized as the most effective and economical total spectrum disinfectant on the market. F10SC is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritating and aldehyde free so has no adverse effects on people, animals, equipment or surfaces. It has been proven effective at recommended concentrations against all types of bacteria, fungi and spores including MRSA, avian influenza, psittacine beak and feather disease, canine parvovirus, e. Coli, aspergillus and a host of others. F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant can be used in a wide range of applications is infecting cages, water bowls, floors, racks, shelving, perches and toys, food preparation areas, inside incubators, washing eggs and decontaminating hands.

F10SC can also be applied as a fog or fine spray to mist rooms to eradicate airborne microbes and to stop cross contamination. F10SC is active against bacteria, fungi and spores. It is an excellent product for achieving a high level of biosecurity and poses no hazard to yourself or your animals when used at recommended concentrations. F10 products are non- toxic, non-corrosive & biodegradable. F10SC can be sprayed on and left to disinfect after cleaning with no need to rinse off. Unlike many other products, F10 stays active providing an ongoing residual effect. The recommended dilution rates of F10SC are: General disinfection at 1:500 (2ml in 1 liter of water) High level disinfection against bacteria, fungi and most viruses at 1:250 (4ml to 1 liter of water) For use against the most resistant viruses such as Parvovirus or PBFD at 1:125 (8ml in 1 liter or water) Each bottle of F10SC includes a measuring pour spout. The 3.4oz container of F10SC makes 50 one liter spray bottles in the 1:500 dilution, and 25 one liter spray bottles in the 1:250 dilution.