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Vivarium Electronics TH-100 thermometer/Hygrometer features a hard to find temperature/humidity sensor on a single external probe. Super convenient for reptile and amphibian habitat monitoring and other uses.

Large, easy to read .75″ tall LCD numerals. Temperature and Relative Humidity displayed Resettable MIN/MAX display for Temperature and Relative Humidity Fԍ or Cԍ operation. 48″ remote probe wire Temperature and Relative Humidity in a single probe!

Measuring Range: Temperature -58ԍF to 158ԍF Relative Humidity 10%Rh – 99%Rh

Accuracy: Temperature +/- 1.8ԍF or +/- 1ԍC Relative Humidty +/- 5%

Display Resolution: Temperature 0.2ԍF / 0.1ԍC Relative Humidty 1%

Battery: AG10 Watch Battery(Included) 48″ Probe length