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Amazon milk frog; due to the toxic milky liquid they secrete when stressed or intimidated. Also known as: Mission golden-eyed tree frogs and Blue Milk Frogs

Adult Size:

2 ½ to 4inches (6 ½ to 10cm) with males often being smaller than females.

Life Span:

Up to 25 years, though the exact lifespan is currently unknown captive individuals have been more commonly reported to live until around the 8-10 year mark.


South American Rainforests such as Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela

Native Habitat:

The Amazon Milk frog is an arboreal species which inhabits the canopies of tropical rainforests.


Amazon Milk Frogs are a relatively large species of tree frog and as such will require a spacious vivarium with plenty of room. Being arboreal they need height to their enclosure to allow them to climb. We suggest the minimum of 45x45x45 cm glass terrarium as this will happily accommodate 2 – 4 individuals. Males are territorial however so we would suggest not housing males together in the same enclosure. Attaching a background to one or two of the sides will help reduce stress to your frogs.


Lighting in your Milk Frog’s vivarium should be used to provide a clear difference between day and night for your frogs. They require UVB in moderate amounts so a fluorescent UVB of no more than 3% should be used. Alternative you can use LED lighting to provide day time light as they do not give off any additional heat, but you will need to make sure your tank is near a window. Reptile style basking bulbs (like those used with Bearded Dragons) will greatly reduce humidity and can harm the frogs if not used with a thermostat, it is best if you do not use these bulbs. If you wish to use a bulb to provide heat or light – low wattage bulbs are safest. 15 or 25 watt bulbs used with a canopy top would be ideal. We would never recommend the use of anything with a higher wattage.


These frogs require 23-27c (73- 81f) with a slight drop in temperature at night. This can be provided via a heat mat controlled by a thermostat. Habistat do a great range of adhesive mats that can be used at the side of the glass tank.

Humidity Requirements:

Milk Frogs can tolerate a wide range in humidity but do best at 60-80% humidity. This should not be difficult to maintain if misted 2-3 times a day. If you find you have difficulty in holding this average, try covering some of the mesh area on the lid of the vivarium with a sheet of cling film, glass or plexi glass.


A shallow dish should be given to these frogs. It should be changed daily to prevent the build-up of bacteria which can be harmful to the frogs. We suggest boiling water and leaving it to cool overnight to kill bacteria in the water prior to giving it to your milk frogs. Using bottled distilled water can also help reduce bacteria.


Amazon Milk Frogs will take a wide range of foods. Young frogs can be fed fruit fly, mini-mealworms and appropriately sized crickets. Older frogs can naturally be fed bigger prey items such as adult crickets, large or XL locust, regular meal worms, earthworms, caterpillars, wax worms and wax worm moths.